The Most Advanced GoPro Yet.

1. HERO4 Silver Camera with Built-In Touch Display
2. Standard Housing 131’(40m)
3. Skeleton + Touch Backdoors
4. Rechargeable Battery
5. Curved Adhesive Mount
6. Flat Adhesive Mount
7. Quick Release Buckles
8. 3-Way Pivot Arm (Mounting Hardware)
9. USB Cable

Amazing Features

Professional Video Quality

Capture incredible video’s of 1080p with 60 fps with extreme sharpness.

Fast Photo Capture

With 12 Mega Pixel and 30 frames per second helps you capture every moments you want.

Amazing Low Light Images

Capturing low light images with great quality.

Moblie & PC Apps Available

iOS, Android, Windows and Mac Applications for better experience.

HiLight Tagging Moments

You can now quickly easily and quickly locate your best clips for later playback.

Lots of Accessories

Powerful accessories are available for optimum usability.

Ease of camera control

The camera functions and settings are very simple to operate. Camera settings are easy to adjust. The overall design of the control buttons are set in a convenient pattern. Menu selection, navigational settings are much more simplified that makes it more user friendly. Functional patterns are well set to get a quicker access to the multiple features.

Professional quality shooting with convenient touch screen

GoPro’s first ever built-in touch display feature has opened the range of shooting in whole new way with this HERO4. The functions are accessible from the touch screen. To frame a shot, playback options are easier than ever. Refined pictures and super quality videos are its best offer. Light exposure, ISO settings and color controls are manually adjustable. The combination of versatility, picture quality, the operating convenience of the touch display makes it more desirable.

Great picture quality with fast action

The image resolution of HERO4 is no less than a standard digital camera. With 12 mp still image resolution, this camera can take some outstanding photographs. With the rapid 30 frames per second feature you can capture any fast moving object. You can get single shots or set the time to shot automatically. Its ultra wide angle glass lens helps to get extensive views for better images. The multiple choices on the view options or FOV settings give a better understanding of the landscape and covers a wide range of area.

Highlight moments

It is a feature that points a particular moment at the time of recording. Later when the user requires to playback or edit the recording it can be easily located. These clippings can be shared also using GoPro app.

Mount features

One of the best things about this GoPro action cam is that you can be fixed in variable things that can hold it and continue with the shooting. For flexible recording purpose multiple mounts are included with it. You can either put it in a belt that is adjusted with the head to shoot the view that you see or fix it in a location to record an event. This mount feature helps to get any rare shot as it can be adjusted in various ways. Versatile mount can be used in ways such as a grip, arm extension and tripod. Now you can record a scene from a particular camera angel easily. You can set the time intervals and get gear mounted shots. One can take a selfie with it and the folding arm makes it easier. Holding it is not that heavy at all. These options make the photography work much more enjoyable.

QuikCapture option

With the QuikCapture mode you can instantly start the recording so you don’t have to miss a moment. It can be done with only a press in a button. When the button is pressed the power is turned on and it starts to record immediately. In one press it will start the video recording and to get time lapse photos you need to press and hold on to it for few seconds. This quick option will not let you miss any precious moment of the event.

Night photo lapse, auto low lights

In Hero4 the customization of exposure feature is an advantage. Now shooting in dark is much easier and getting a great photo in low light is possible. In the night photo lapse option one can customize the exposure settings to get low light scenes with no trouble at all. The auto low light mode feature automatically changes or adjusts the camera settings when moved from bright to dark light situation.

Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

The Hero4 silver has built in wifi and Bluetooth options. Through this special option it gets connected to the GoPro App, smart remote. It turns the phones or tablets into a camera remote. That gives the control of the camera function and settings. By this, it is easy to get the previews from the camera and this can be shared via text, mails etc. this remote can control cameras from distant place as well.

Mini camera with multiple features

GoPro Hero4 is very durable and it is waterproof. It is designed as such; it can perform under any weather conditions and rough environment. It is waterproof up to 40meters, so you can get underwater shots with great performance. This also has built-in microphone feature that records sound very clearly. With the rechargeable battery one can record for a longer period of time. The camera uses micro SD cards for storage purposes.

Sharp & High quality video recording

The video mode of HERO4 gives an exclusive view. Out of the previous models GoPro’s this particular camera is featured with enhanced sensor. Its capability to capture 1080p60 video is much sharper and gives much better outcomes. With high frame rate of 720p120 and 960p100 and great resolution it is capable to deliver smooth playback of the highlights in slow motion. This gives crisp and clear picture. The 4k and 2.7k video option is with such good resolution that it provides movie quality impression. Hero4 is capable of covering a wide range of area and gives astonishing footage of the adventurous journey. The SuperView gives the wide angel field view that enables recording a large area. This action cam produces great videos with its exclusive features. Any beginner or an experienced photographer would be satisfied with its versatile options and easy touch screen operation.


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